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How vibrant is your community?
How much do people interact and get involved?
How well do different people in your community work together to make things happen?

Rural Vibes gives you the tools to measure vibrancy in rural communities

Rural Vibes plots what individuals and or groups think about their rural community.You can use one of two tools, the funky flowers for individuals or the group tool to form an overall picture of how the community views itself. The more people who participate, the better the overview about what is good about it and where they feel it could be improved.

These tools are great for planning projects, events, and setting up new alliances to make things happen.

You can be part of this European spirit!

Have fun filling out the flowers to paint a picture that shows how you feel about the vibrancy of your local rural community. If you already have a group, fill in the questionnaire to see how well you are doing.

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