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Who is it for?

Rural Vibes is for any organisation, community and or business with an interest or involved in rural areas.

Everyone has the chance to be involved in Rural Vibes!

The more people and the wider range of people and or organisations who complete the questionnaires the much better “mirror” you will have of your community. Try and get as many people as possible to be involved. They can fill in the survey on-line and or you can print off the survey for them to fill in by hand (you can then use the on-line system to collect and show you the results!). There is also a group survey to map out where your organisation is on its journey to contribute to rural life and vibrancy.

The results are anonymous! The tools paint pictures of your rural community. You can use them as many times as you like, at different times and for different initiatives. Give it a go!

Who can get involved?
Public Sector

Community Groups

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